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October 23, 20192 mins read

September Stories, Part 2

By Vampr

Hi guys,

We’re back this week with Part 2 of your September Stories. These are just some of the adventures that we’ve learned about in the past month from the 5000+ connections being made every single day on Vampr.

Much like we saw with Jyoti and Deepak in Part 1 of our September Stories, Vampr does occasionally play a bigger role in people’s lives, beyond simply finding a musical match. Understandably not everyone feels comfortable going on camera to declare their love, so with permission, this week we’re going to highlight a few additional stories of people finding love on Vampr, narrated by yours truly 😉

We want to be clear, Vampr was not designed for and will never be a dating platform, but Baz and I had an inkling from the outset that if this thing was going to take off there would inevitably be situations where people would end up dating, getting married, or simply forming lifelong friendships.

For us there’s no better feeling in the world than hearing it directly from you. You know what else we love hearing about? When Vampr users get featured in the press — that’s right! We’ve got yet another story from September with a Vampr act showing up in their local newspaper. Check it out!

To wrap things up we have a European tale of a production duo from Berlin finding a vocalist in London who can be heard on their new single ‘Still Sinking’, out now!

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